lunes, 4 de octubre de 2010

Vintage Bodybuilder Wrestling

One of my favourite sites is Rants Roids n Rassling by John Savage. He did a great poster for a great matchup:

Steve Reeves vs Leroy Colbert

Bob Chicherillo

I have found a couple of youtube videos of Mr Chicherillo learning hard that being a bodybuilder isn't enough to guarantee a succesful wrestling experience.


miércoles, 14 de julio de 2010

Some youtube vids on Armwrestling





lunes, 5 de julio de 2010


After I found this great matchup in the BAM Men group, I thought that it should be a great entry for the blog. Rory never got the IFBB pro card, but he is truly a legend of the 80's. Robby's career in pro bodybuilding was a long and succesful one, being one of the top competitors of all time, always in great shape.

Both men have great egos and at first the stare at each other at the center of the ring. Robby suddenly attacks his bigger opponent charging at him and ramming him against the corner. Three times Robinson hits Rory with his shoulder, leaving him breathless. Immediately follows with a german suplex and covers him, but Rory powers out the pin attempt with authority.

Robby starts kicking Rory in the back to keep him on the ground and goes for a boston crab, but Rory easily breaks the hold, sending the Black Prince to the mat. Rory awaits for Robby to get up and launches himself in a devastating clothesline. After this he starts the demolition of his foe. Using powerbombs, suplexes, DDTs, he gives no opportunity to the stunned rival. Rory completes his triumph with a backbreaker parade across the ring. Robinson screams his submission, but a sadistic Rory keeps him on his shoulder a good 20 seconds until the african american convulses before going completely limp.

lunes, 28 de junio de 2010

Battle of the Pro BBers that tried wrestling


Those two were my heroes. Imagine a Pro Bodybuilder (we are talking abouth guys that were on the Olympia stage) that took the wrestling career... well, they tried.

Aaron Baker, one of the best bodies of the 90's, without chances in the IFBB due to his run in the McMahon WBF and Aachim Albrecht, the giant german who had some good placings in the Olympia and Night of the Champions.

True, Brakus (the nickname of Albrecht) was a complete disaster. Baker was more consistent and he left us some videos for where he showed some skill and the pleasure of seeing his round, lovely butt, kicked by guys like Christopher Daniels.

Albrecht was supposed to be the big heel of the WWF, but he was so crude that he was sent back. Apparently he had no talent at all, there are two videos in youtube, one with Jeff Jarrett and other with Taz.

Achim Albrecht as Brakus

Aaron Baker in Cyberfights

I will go with Baker in this one. Sure, Albrecht is bigger, but it's impossible to forget his poor in ring skills. Baker has learned to hold punishment and as the superior wrestler he will be succesful controlling Albrecht and finally when the german is tired, finish him with his powerbomb signature.

Welcome to my blog

When I was a young man, wrestling was much more than fun, it was a filed to project fantasies of ultimate domination, even more when a few wrestlers with well scuplted bodies were in TV. And at the same time I discovered bodybuilding.

It took no time to combine in my mind the wrestling scenario and the bodybuilding champions.

Later, in the first years of the internet era I found that I was not alone, many other people enjoyed that kind of fantasy. I remembered several boards discusing the now defunct CBF (Classic Bodybuilding Federation) or the yahoo groups devoted to bodybuilders wrestling (again the bodybuilderwrestling, blkmusclewrestling, pankrathium or muscleboyt groups).

Curiously, in the vast array of muscle fantasy blogs I have not encountered one devoted to this particular taste... so I felt obliged and here I am.

I have no time to try that kind of e-fed that has been the norm in internet. I think that is more easy to keep and far less time-demanding a blog á la "what if". Of course that my intention is to share toughts, likings and dislikings with the future readers. So comments will be always welcome.

Finally, I speak french and spanish, too, so Bienvenues, Bienvenidos.